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Industries We Serve

  • Selling Internet Services?

    Now add voice!  Add high-margin, reliable voice services with Akabis.

  • Resellers

    If your customers have broadband, now's the time to include voice services.

  • It's easy to offer our economical, long distance service to your customers.

  • Use existing infrastructure

    If you've deployed cable modems to your customers, you can easily add VoIP to your services.

  • Municipalities, property developers, electrical contractors, alarm companies...

    Easily offer full-featured VoIP service to your customers.

Wholesale Voice Termination, Wholesale VoIP, Wholesale VoIP Carrier

Akabis is a digital communications provider delivering premium wholesale voice termination and VoIP services in the US to regional and national ISPs, resellers, independent telephone companies, small and medium CATV companies, municipalities and niche VoIP markets. A facilities-based carrier, Akabis utilizes best-of-class hardware from MetaSwitch, Cisco and AcmePacket. With Akabis, it’s easy to add high-margin voice services for your Internet customers.

We put our telecom know-how and experience to work for you so you don’t have to spend time on complex regulatory or routing issues. With minimum training, you will be selling quickly.

Akabis Wholesale VoIP Services

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