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About Us

Akabis was formed in 2009 to provide wholesale voice telephone services over the Internet to customers of broadband providers. We are a privately held corporation, headquartered in North Carolina. Our primary customers, such as Internet service providers, use Akabis to provide the telecom know-how allowing voice services to be easily provided to their end customers. Just a few years ago, telephone service over the Internet, generally referred to as VoIP, was sometimes unstable and not seen as a potential valuable offering for business professionals. The Akabis approach has created a superior service level for customers with these advantages:

Customer Solutions - Give your customers increased productivity through Akabis' solid voice services and other unique features. Expertise - You don't need to keep up with today's voice technology and all the regulatory requirements that come with them. Let Akabis take care of that for you.

Focus - You can focus on your clients and their needs while Akabis focuses on providing your voice communications needs.

Value - Save money for your clients. Voice services don't have to be so expensive; Akabis can show you how.

Stability - We're real people with real equipment and real solutions to help you and your clients save time and money.

Dependability - You don't have to worry about the system going down. Our equipment is located in carrier-class locations, and is protected with backup power and high-speed bandwidth connections.

News Releases

Partnership Announced: Telax Hosted Call Center
Akabis enhances product portfolio with cloud-based contact center solution offering multichannel ACD
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Our Partners & Suppliers

Suppliers and Partners


"We signed up with Akabis about 2 years ago and the service they provide has been flawless. All in all their attention to customer service and providing quality service is second to none. We are very pleased with Akabis and highly recommend them on a regular basis. A bunch of great guys to work with!"

Basem Toma
Vice President, NetDigital