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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does VoIP service sound compared with landline telephone service?

With properly designed and installed service from Akabis, VoIP is superior to traditional landline telephone service. Hear the quality for yourself: Call us and talk to us on our VoIP lines. Or, let us set up a demonstration line at your office.

What equipment can I use with your service?

With Akabis service you can use any combination of traditional phones, legacy PBX or key systems and SIP phones or SIP-based PBX systems. New VoIP phones might be needed to take advantage of all of our rich, VoIP features. However, you do not need to have special VoIP phones to use Akabis VoIP service.

What does "OSS" mean and how is it beneficial to my company?

OSS stands for operational support system. The invoices that the Akabis OSS generates to your customers are set with your own logo, products, pricing and customer information. You maintain your own brand identity and your customer records are kept separate from all others. This billing capability is included as a part of Akabis' pricing. Ask us for more information.

Can Akabis help my company in the case of a natural disaster?

Akabis minimizes the possible effects from a natural disaster by housing its equipment in a North Carolina telecom collocation facility. This collocation facility is an environmentally-controlled, secure facility with 24-hour monitoring and an uninterruptible power supply. Our operational support system (OSS) and records are located in a secure data center facility in New York State. By separating the equipment from the operating system and records, we reduce the possibility of record and equipment loss in the case of a natural disaster. Furthermore, even if Akabis customers are forced to move to temporary locations due to a disaster, they can have service and access their customer information wherever they are as long as they have a broadband connection.

Do I need an adapter to use Akabis VoIP with the phones I already have?

Not always. It depends on the deployment. If you have existing equipment such as a key system or a PBX, then an adapter will be required. If you are deploying a hosted solution, your need for an adapter will depend on the phones you want to utilize. For example, if VoIP telephones are utilized no adapter is required. However, if you are using legacy telephones, then an adapter will be needed to convert analog to digital (VoIP).

What type of transport do I need?

VoIP works over any broadband service. Typical solutions include, but are not limited to:

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