Connecting Wholesale VoIP Services With Exceptional Customer Service

Already have cable modems deployed?

Easily add voice services to your customers.

If you've added cable modems and data services to your product offerings, you're all set up to add voice with VoIP solutions from Akabis. With minimum training, you can be selling quickly. Don't spend your time trying to learn telecom; contact us and see how quickly you will be up and running with a service package of features beyond traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) capabilities. Contact us today to see how easy it is to add Akabis VoIP solutions to your current product offerings.

Key Advantages

  • VoIP services utilize existing bandwidth.
  • Complete your fully competitive product bundle by adding voice to your video and data services.
  • Akabis has the telecommunications knowledge and experience to help make you successful.
  • Ask your customers - would they like a richer-featured voice service for a lower price?

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