Connecting Wholesale VoIP Services With Exceptional Customer Service

ISP’s – Selling Internet and bandwidth services?

Now add voice!

With Akabis, it's easy to add high-margin voice services for your internet customers. We've made the investments in carrier-class equipment, in secure locations, with redundant facilities to allow you to easily add reliable voice services. We have the telecom know-how and experience, so you don't have to spend time on complex regulatory or routing issues. With minimum technician training, you can be selling quickly. Contact us today to see how easy it is to provide high-margin voice services to your internet customers.

Key Advantages

  • You already have the bandwidth in place - the voice rides on the same connection.
  • You know your customers and can service them best.
  • You have the technician work force in place.
  • You're already billing your customers - we'll give you the information you need to bill voice services, or we'll bill them for you.
  • You set your own retail prices and create your own product bundles.
  • Ask your customers - would they like a richer-featured voice service for a lower price?

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