Connecting Wholesale VOIP Services With Exceptional Customer Service

Have a broadband network?

It's easy to add voice services.

If you've made the huge investment in a fiber optic infrastructure, then you're ready to add Akabis' reliable voice services for your customers. It's easy to do and completes the voice, video, and data bundle that your customers want. We've already made the capital investments - no need to return to the city leaders to ask for more money. Don't spend your time trying to learn telecom; contact us and see how quickly you will be up and running with a service package of features beyond traditional POTS (plain, old, telephone service) capabilities.

Key Advantages

  • Akabis has the telecommunications knowledge and experience to help you offer voice services.
  • Our switch is in place and ready to go - you already have the network in place to carry voice.
  • No need to add additional management resources.
  • Add voice services to your existing bills, or we'll bill for you.
  • Ask your citizens and customers - would they like a richer-featured voice service for a lower price?

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